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timberland boots white sole

The strategy, focused from toe-to-head, means shifting from a shoe company (where its iconic yellow boot takes the spotlight) to a bonafide lifestyle brand.timberland chukka black Among the myriad of marketing strategies Timberland is employing, Cassie Heppner, Director of North America Marketing is charged with tapping into the key online marketing channels of its independent retail partners and equipping those retailers to tell the new Timberland brand story.    Wanting to know more, we sat down with Cassie to gain an understanding of how this iconic brand engages with their local retailers.  When it comes to supporting independent retailers in their effort to market the Timberland brand, how did you come to develop and evolve this philosophy?    Independent retailers in the footwear and apparel industry are extremely customer-service oriented. We recognize how much influence they can have with customers and being effective brand storytellers.



They are a critical juncture in Timberland’s brand positioning and we strive to support them with the assets they need to white and gold timberland boots, properly market the brand.  How vital has national alignment with local, independent retailers been to your brand’s success?    As we set out to sell-in Fall 2013, we shared the new brand positioning with our independent retailers and the response was very positive. The retailers were excited to see us focused and believed their customers would have a better understanding of the brand as well. As a result, we were able to garner placement in-store and online (eCommerce and social) of the retailers’ owned properties to communicate our message.    Since that time, our retailers have continued to support us and helped tell the Timberland story.timberland white ledge, We’ve gained opportunities in-store and online to promote the brand. We’ve seen an increase in our integrated product and brand storytelling so the consumer sees Timberland as more than a footwear brand and really as a lifestyle brand.



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